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The DAM School of Policing was established in 2008, with a commitment to provide quality education and to contribute positively towards economic solutions in the country (South Africa) in the field of Law, Military Science, Security and Safety in Society.   There are four campuses, Braamfontein the Head office, Pretoria ,Polokwane and Mokopane

Courses Offered By DAM School Of Policing

Accreditation of DAM School of Policing:

home3Accreditation of DAM School of Policing:

DAM School of Policing was established in in 2011, and has produced many successful graduates.

DAM School of Policing has four Campuses, these are,

BRAAMFONTEIN CAMPUS : 77 De-Korte Street. Whatsup No. +270631118402

PRETORIA CAMPUS : 219 Du Toit Street. Tel : 012 442 5100

POLOKWANE CAMPUS : 52  Landros Mare Street. Whatsup No. 072882 6951

MOKOPANE CAMPUS : 42 Thabo Mbeki Street . Whatsup No. 0727636354

All the four campuses are accredited and their accreditation numbers are shown below;





If your aspiration is to start your career in any of the following;

  • The South African Police Service (SAPS)
  • Metro Police

Then your best starting point would be to choose from the following qualifications;

  • National Diploma in Policing: SAQA Qualification ID: 61729.
  • National Certificate: Tactical Road Traffic Operations: SAQA ID : 80046

Mode of study

  • Full – Time
  • Part – time
  • Correspondence
  • N.B DAM School of Policing is not registered as a correspondence School but some students prefer to study at home and these students are categorised as studying by correspondence.

Our Mission

The mission of DAM School of Policing is to provide educational opportunities that emphasize skills and knowledge that will allow the student to develop skills which have a role to play in economic growth and Job creation.

We recognize that education is vital in developing skills needed for a productive society and essential in promoting the individual’s sense of worth, values, and high ethical standards.

The DAM School of Policing is committed to offering quality education that meets the needs of its students and assisting them in clarifying and pursuing their professional and educational goals.


In fulfilling the mission of DAM School of Policing sets forth the following objectives which reflect the overall goals of the DAM School of Policing.

  • To provide the students with a background of job skills which will enhance their employability?
  • To impart practical skills which will make an impact in skills development generally in the field Safety in Society.
  • To provide the students with basic skills which contribute to success in their careers and in their private lives?
  • To lead the student in the self-discovery process of clarifying and raising the individual’s goals and achievements commensurate with the student’s potential.
  • To provide a framework and atmosphere of learning which will enhance the student’s capability to demonstrate ethical and moral values in professional, personal, and business situations.
  • To strive for and maintain excellence in Training, by systematically reviewing classroom facilities, equipment, Assessment Processes, and staff.
  • To make available to our students activities and experiences which foster personal growth and leadership qualities that will assist students in their social, vocational, and academic pursuits?
  • To provide placement assistance for graduates and students through individual counseling.
  • To maintain a process of communication with the community of employers to assure relevant curricula to meet the developing needs of the economic community.

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